With Trustworthy Pheromones

  • So ALWAYS allow it to happen! Don’t force it, don’tencourage it… be every bit the best man you can be but for yourself, not forher true pheromones.

    When you can get to a point where you’re running under yourown steam, fully accountable, emotionally resilient (i.e. always ok no matterwhat, through death, disease and otherwise)… and completely unapologetic…women will gravitate fully towards you, because you’ll be the kind of manthey’ve been looking for their whole lives with natural pheromones. Learn more about pheromones athttp://pomm79.moonfruit.com/blog/4588864419/Survey-Pheromones/10080599 andhttp://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20150528/top-aggression-pheromones

    Do NOT protect yourself or hide yourself away from emotionalpain… just make sure you develop that emotional resilience so you’re ok nomatter what. You cannot buy that kind of freedom man.

    When a woman finds a man like that… she will fight to thefucking death for him. You become a man like that and a woman will fight to thedeath for you. And you’ll see what loyalty really means then. I don’t know her,but I don’t have any evidence to say she’s a shitty person. She sounds prettycool to be honest. She totally might be a cunt. I just don’t get thatimpression from what I’ve read here so far using cheap pheromones.

    Don’t worry too much about the vocabulary o…f pheromones theonly reason I bring it up is because you seem like a very decent, very kind andgood man who still has his mental health. You get too far into it and you starttalking like them, like you’re in a little club or cult and… well it justgets weird after that. You, from myperspective, would be best served by a few small changes in perspective /frame… and you’ll be fucking set. No need to go down the rabbit hole!!

    Cutting off contact was probably the right thing to dothough and it’s good you have the kind of emotional strength. Haha… yeah -just about every woman I’ve ever been involved with who I’ve moved on from, hastext me a few weeks or a couple months, or even a year after the split.

    You know what that says about you using real pheromones?

    It says you’re a good fucking man and that she loved you.She enjoyed being with you. That message was maybe her wanting to alleviateguilt… or maybe it was because she missed you… hoping to find things hadmaybe changed in a way the relationship could still be continued. That’s themore likely scenario in my opinion, considering the pet name.

    Maybe at that point your goals would have become morealigned… maybe there could be a middle ground developed… she wouldn’t knowif she didn’t check in. But the fact she contacted you says she still thoughtabout you and that she probably missed you.

    You should value that and feel good about it. Fuck that, ageis irrelevant. Girls find older dudes with hot bodies sexy incredibly sexy. Playon the daddy/daughter thing and they’ll be powerless to resist you

    My 27 year old sister just started dating a 48 year oldfella and she has no shortage of male interest.

    Having said that…. we get next to no time on this planetin this existence so make every second count!