The Best Way To Recovery From A Virus Attack

  • Hewlett-Packard is one of the world’s leading computer and electronics manufacturers. They offer a full line of RAID, server, desktop and laptop computers as well as tablet PCs. HP computers are well known for their quality and reliability.

    There is more than one way to approach the restoration of a broken HP RAID server, but common wisdom suggests the use of a HP RAID specialist like Emergency RAID Data Recovery. You can always use a certified RAID expert to when you have a RAID problem. An equally successful solution which you might be able to employ on your own is to get software that is intended exactly for recovery work of this kind.


    Some HP computers can benefit from the addition of RAID 5 and troubleshooting a RAID 5 can be a tricky business, and for many do-it-yourselfers who build their own RAID server computers, troubleshooting a RAID 5 and recovering its data can seem like an attractive option.

    If you’ve spoken to a RAID 5 data recovery shop with real integrity, you’ll be able to get a quote, if not a guarantee on price. One of the problems that many people have with smaller data recovery service providers is that they charge more than they initially quoted, so make sure you get a guaranteed quote in writing before you send anything anywhere. It’ll save you more cash than you thought.

    Often with HP RAID problems, your RAID 5 may show you weird messages like ‘no RAID present’, ‘RAID is offline’ etc. after which, formatting the hard drives in the RAID array is the only available option to choose. Before formatting, you have to ensure that doing this will permanently wipe all your data. You must understand quickly that an HP RAID 5 server is a very complicated computer and it’s very important that when it goes wrong that it is repaired correctly by a person from a decent RAID recovery company who knows what they are doing. A broken RAID 5 in the wrong hands is a disaster waiting to happen as it’ll be unlikely you’ll ever see you data again.

    A good idea in situations like these is to look at the Control Panel, (also known as cPanel). Cpanel is becoming the industry standard interface between you and your server; it’s the GUI (Graphical User Interface if you want to get technical), the “control panel” that you will use to adjust settings, upload and download your website files to the internet.

    Using the Control Panel to troubleshoot difficulties on most types of HP RAID is not a straightforward process, and while this is frustrating it does have it’s benefits. It’s obviously designed to put newbies off from medalling with the RAID setup. Newbies will be annoyed but there is a logic to this, newbies frequently don’t know very much about how RAID 5 servers (and especially RAID 5 servers) work but quite often like to think they do, so having a control panel that defeats them is a good thing as it stops them tampering with important things like the RAID 5 set up.