One of the best in Irvine

  • Among the many Irvine restaurants that I have eaten in, I could say one of the most memorable ones and one restaurant that I would always come back to is this grill restaurant called SF Grill. And I am not joking when I say that this resto has one of the most bad ass baby back ribs. I mean if it was not for the ribs, I would really choose some other restaurants, but I mean it really keeps me coming back for more.

    But actually to be honest, it is not just the ribs that keeps me coming back. SF Grill happens to have some good meals in their menu list that can bring many top restos in town to its knees. If you happen to have their specialty steak and cheese sandwich, you might forget about eating hamburgers. And they have pizzas, pastas, salads and many others. You can even order soup of the day and many other specialty items from time to time. They have really thought about it so much that each and every time you eat here, you will find something new to order and taste about.

    Some of my friends would first kid me when I would invite them to eat here in this resto. But when they all got to taste the ribs here, they would be surprised and they would eventually become fans of SF Grill themselves. It is amazing because the SF Grill branch here in Irvine has not been around for many years. It was around maybe 4 to 5 years at most, but it seems it has already gathered so many followers who all eat here at least twice a month. I would have to thank the original owners, the Harrigan Sisters from Chatsworth, who first thought up of putting this amazing restaurant back in 2000. Now more than 14 years later, it has become a symbol of Californian food, and SF Grill has actually around 10 different branches all over the state.

    What makes this resto so good is the food. That is the main answer. The sisters brought their secret family recipes from generations and made it into what SF Grill has right now, and so far it has been a real success. But more than that, they made the restaurant a very affordable one too so that all people can actually enjoy it. Imagine getting to eat such a good rib for only 20 dollars, and this rib is good for at least 2 people and then the taste is comparable to the top restaurants in town. Now that is value for your money, and SF Grill is one of the best restos to give you this.

    SF Grill also makes catering and deliveries, and if you want to learn more, just simply visit their website in and you will surely get more that what you bargained for, as you are now viewing one of the top grill restos in California, and who knows, in the near future, the whole of the United States too.