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  • An Insight and Beyond The Spanish Coastal Town of Benalmadena

    Also tons of beautiful natural landscapes, stunning hidden lonely beaches, Incredible value high-end gastronomy & wines.

    Malaga, Costa del Sol, Spain. That beauty spot by the Mediterranean, a couple of hours flight on average from most European airports. Where there are tons of sun, cheap beer & Spanish tapas hangouts and lots of European tourists looking for a chilled family or fun youngsters affordable holiday?


    Things to do right on your Spanish doorstep!- Top Spanish hotels providing luxury use
     – Great cultural sites and white villages all around- One of the best and hippest European windsurf & kitesurf spots at your doorstep that is Tarifa. 
    – One of the sunniest ski stations in Europe, at a stone’s throw
    – The stunning north of Morocco at a couple of hour’s drive plus one hour ferry ride
    – On a clear day, you can even see the Moroccan coast from Malaga- Gorgeous lakes of El Chorro to go camping, mountain walking and see the Camino del Rey

    Marcus is a marketing lover and as such, she loves her job as Director of Marketing in one of the biggest e-commerce Spanish companies. Funny enough, now I’m the foreigner and she’s the local in Malaga That’s why, it couldn’t be any other way, I asked her to take me to one of her favourites for summer days and she picked La Cubana, just at the border in between Benalmadena and Fuengirola.

    Mortiz has lived in Madrid, Malaga, San Francisco, London and now she’s back in Malaga, already for a couple of years She moved abroad seeking an international personal experience and so she did She’s one of my very good friends from back home and we got to flat share the time she spent in London, I’m not even going to go there, crazy fun old London times.

    My Tagline for this place: Chilled, beach, fresh, summery, colorful, great food & cool staff that love their claim: Hold on to the people who light up every aspect of your life.

    I truly invite you to come along, to get lost and discover all that Malaga and la Costa del Sol has to offer.

    I am from Malaga From Benalmadena, a seaside village just 20-minute drive from Malaga town. It had to be Malaga & la Costa del Sol.
    I live far from there now. I am one of those tourists that go over to enjoy the sun, the beach and the good vibes. When I visit Malaga, I’m lucky enough to say I’m going home.

    I leave you with the photos of this little hidden gem in Malaga coast and if you want to get a taste of what’s all about, you better hurry up, as their season will be coming to an end by the end of the month Otherwise, you can always go back from May onwards next year.

    We took our pick, we shared a Chewaka Burger -a delicious combination of homemade beef patty, caramelised onion and goat cheese served with homemade chips- and a ‘Prawns and dark sauce calamari Wok’, which was to die for We topped it up with a chocolate coulant and two extra Tintos And carried on with our afternoon chilling on the sunbeds by the beach.

    Gloria told us how they decided to open a beach bar in the Spanish coastline, but they didn’t have a clue on where to do so They got in a car and spent a month traveling alongside the coast, from Murcia all the way to Algarve in south of Portugal They didn’t found nothing, and a year later they came down to Malaga on a little holiday break and saw the at the time completely shut down La Cubana. 
    There was no renting or selling sign, and all they managed to found out was that it belonged to someone called xx who used to cycle his bike around the area They managed to someone get hold of the guy, and the rest is story 5 years later they’re running this super cool place with their great team and they are very happy parents to be.

    La Cubana Beach Bar:
    We had a chance to meet Gloria, she’s the owner of La Cubana Beach Bar, together with her boyfriend. They also have quite a cool story behind them They’re both from Barcelona, met years ago, took separate ways for a while, travelled to different places to then cross paths again and start this new venture that’s taken them down to Malaga every summer for the last 5 years.

    We started off with a Tinto de verano each, a summer Spanish classic; a pour of red wine and lemonade with a lot of ice cubes, super refreshing It took us a little while to take our pick on food -as a result of us not having seen each other for months, hence the lots of things to catch up about plus because of the huge selection of delicious food La Cubana has in their menu.

    Malaga, La Costa del Sol– Spain. I am from Malaga From Benalmadena, a seaside village just 20-minute drive from Malaga town. It had to be Malaga & la Costa del Sol. I am one of those tourists that go over to enjoy the sun, the beach and the good vibes. I am a latino at heart and when I visit Malaga, I’m lucky enough to say I’m going home.

    Maria picked me up at home and we made our way down to La Cubana, a very cool chiringuito set just on the beach.

    I don’t know if it’s the fact that white and blue are the predominant colours along the coast, or that the smell and feel of the sea is with you everywhere you go, or that it’s one of the southernmost points in Europe, at the very south of Spain, but there is definitely something very magical about that spot by the Mediterranean.

    Drop me a line if you’re interested in knowing which one is some particular place on the visual gallery or if you need some recommendations, will be happy to share them with you.

    Maria is a Cordoba born girl Pozoblanco to be precise otherwise I’ll get told off by her. Maria has one of those stories that I love Stories of exploring, finding yourself and finding your way, she definitely did a bit of that.

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