Day 11:02 am

  • The Success of GM

    He was right, and within five years GM had created two Mustang-like models for its top selling Chevrolet (Camaro) and Pontiac (Firebird) divisions, Chrysler did the same for Plymouth with a new Barracuda and Dodge (with the Challenger) and even American Motors got into the act with its Javelin and AMX. It has a block tread design, developed from our experience at LeMans, to diminish aquaplaning without significantly affecting high-speed performance. It occupied the same market niche in 1935 that Porsche would fill two decades later—highly refined concepts assembled with excellent quality control. This new version isn’t any threat to break the precedent. Wiedmer, a real estate developer from Switzerland, bought the Porsche from Vasek Polak and plans to run the entire Can-Am series, hoping to gain enough experience to eventually try his hand at Formula One. We know our T/A 60’s a great tire. These simply bolted to the main chassis, but formed—in conjunction with the smoothly-pointed hood—a unified streamlined bow to cleave easily through the airstream. I think most will agree to that.

    So what should you do? Third was a BMW 328 driven by Simon Phillip. The Mohs SafariKar looks to be truly a worthy successor to the Mohs Opera Sedan. The car is undoubtedly at the top of the current crop of Super Coupes in terms of comfort and finish, but its acceleration and general engine performance simply don’t match expectation. In the race the Shadow didn’t even last as long as Saville-Peck’s curious Costello. Ball joints are noticeably absent, and the suspension is every bit as sophisticated as what you’d find under a ’53 Buick.

    There has been only one minor change in that area this year. have all driven in difficult competition and have regularly whipped the asses off guys who thought they were pretty good. The intent is to strengthen the tie between the driver’s fingertips and the tire/road interface. Brian Redman, an old friend of Taylor’s, having driven one of his cars in last year’s L&M series, had a spare Lola T330-Chevy. After all of this testing, the most significant discovery is that dyno-tune kits are not a guaranteed benefit to acceleration. Ford found England a totally unreliable source of Pinto engines. From the front, the styling is pedestrian and quite obviously Anglo-mutant. Prices will be in the $4000 range.

    It’s a good idea in the Marina because the doors are short as reviewed by while the interior is relatively long. But the end result is thwarted by poor execution. Team McLaren wasn’t around this year to watch “Super Shoe” win the opener. And keeping the crankcase full helps keep the oil cool. At idle, the modified Datsun exceeded the legal limit for CO by 0.75 per cent.

    Dyno-tune calibrations have probably been examined and rejected by your car’s manufacturer. Whatever cornering poise the skinny 155SR-13 radial tires on 4.5-inch rims might offer is thoroughly sapped by understeer. We have been playing sex roles since the Alley Oops went around in bear skins clubbing desirable chicks over the head with lumpy clubs. Some oil burn-off is normal—but the amount. At the start of the race, Merzario streaked into the lead, but as the race progressed, the lead swayed back and forth between the two teams, punctuated by the retirement of two Matras and one Ferrari. The man designated as the signal or board man, stationed at the pit wall, must remain in that position throughout the race.

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