Current Trends We Should Know About Financial Planning

  • Eleanor Blayney says she’s lonely. The financial adviser and founder of Directions for Women, a financial consulting firm based in McLean, Va., is referring to the scarcity of fellow… err… sister financial advisers. And the fact that most financial advisers are what Mary Beth Franklin, contributing editor of InvestmentNews, describes as “old, male and pale” means that women (and men) who want to hire female financial advisers have a hard time finding them. As the author of the new study, Making More Room for Women in The Financial Planning Profession, published by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Blayney — the CFP Board’s Consumer Advocate — has the research to back up her lonelyhearts club status. (MORE:Women and Financial Advisers: A Rocky Relationship)Feminine Famine of Financial AdvisersThe study, which describes the paucity of women financial advisers as a “feminine famine,” found that fewer than a third of them are women. And only 23% — 15,938 — have the gold standard Certified Financial Planner designation; that number has not changed in more than a decade. By contrast, 52,797 men have a current CFP certification.

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